Membership Application

Membership to the Canadian Ring Sport Association includes:

  • The ability to compete in any French Ring trial or sanctioned event recognized by the CRA and partner organizations;
  • The ability to purchase scorebooks for eligible dogs (contact a board member if you have any questions regarding this);
  • Access to the CRA Members Facebook Group.

Membership Dues:

Early Bird Membership – $100 if submitted and paid prior to January 1st
Regular Membership – $125 if submitted and paid on or after January 1st


Please complete the online application below and it will automatically be sent to the CRA Secretary (if you encounter any problems, please contact the secretary at:

Please send payment to the CRA Treasurer by email transfer – send to:


Please send a SEPARATE EMAIL containing the password for the email transfer.

Applications require 2-3 weeks for processing. Any incomplete or illegible forms and any delays in payment will cause a delay in processing your membership. All documents are delivered via e-mail provided in the application.

If you require expedited processing, indicate the dates the document are required where indication on the form.  An additional fee of $50 will be applied.


Membership Application Form
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If Expedited/RUSH (additional $50), please select date needed by.

Please read the CRA Member Liability Waiver and agree to the terms listed within below.

TERMS & LIABILITY: Please read below and check the boxes if you agree.
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