Who is the CRA?

And what is French Ring?


We are the officially governing body of French Ring in Canada serving all of those who practice the sport across the country.  The elected committee contains five Board of Directors with two regional representatives, the appointed Director of Decoys and the voting membership.

French Ring is a three-phase dog sport that consists of agility tests, obedience and protection work with a suited decoy.  Similar to the other French sport of Campagne, as well as Mondio Ring and Belgian Ring.  Each level introduces progressively more complex questions for the dog to answer, the most difficult of which is the pressure and skill of the decoy.  French Ring’s decoy work is unique in technical movements and pressure to evade the dog’s bite.  Armed with only a split bamboo stick and athleticism, they test the dogs technique and commitment to push through adversity.

All dogs competing in this sport must be evaluated by a judge for temperament around both dogs and people.  Control is emphasized from the moment walks onto the field until the completion of the routine.  French Ring is a balance of power and control – truly and impressive performance to participate or spectate.

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